Dog Walking in the Dark? That’s SOOO last year!

“All the leaves are turning brown and the sky is gray…”

Well … that might be a little dramatic BUT it is starting to get darker earlier and that means those nighttime walks require a little extra help!

Have no fear, I’ve found a few favorite products to help keep you AND your four-legged family member safe!

Watch below to see!

Water Safety for Pets

Summertime conjures visions of lounging by the pool or boating in the lake…and why wouldn’t you want your furbabies to join in the fun?

BUT before you bring your pups out to the water, make sure to think about safety!

Please watch below for some great products and tips every pet parent should know!

4th of July Pet Safety

The 4th of July is a scary time for pets. Fireworks, toxic food and house parties are just a few things that you should keep an eye out for!

Dr. Courtney Campbell has some wonderful tips to help you at home so watch below!