Lovable Linus

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Operation Rescue Dog

You know what I love???

I love that more and more authors and organizations are realizing how important it is to educate our youth on the importance of being a responsible pet parent!

That’s where Maria Gianferrari comes in! Maria has written 8 children’s books and they ALL center around animals! One of her most recent books, “Operation Rescue Dog,” follows the story of a young girl meeting her new rescue dog (and best friend).

The book is based on Maria’s own rescue pup named Becca!!!

Please watch below to hear more on this wonderful story!

The Little Angels Project

Every now and then you come across a person who makes a HUGE impression on you. For me, Darlene Geekie is one of those people!

Darlene and her team created a make shift veterinary hospital outside Pierce Community College to help all the animals affected by the Woolsey Fire!

Whether it was an animal who was displaced or an animal who was severely burned, Darlene and her team did everything in their power to save them…no questions asked…no money required.

Please watch below to see more about this wonderful woman and her extraordinary efforts!