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  1. I saw Brodie on this mornings Home and family and went to your site to see if he is adoptable. Can you give me more information about him and what it takes to adopt him?


  2. Hi, Larissa! I enjoy watching your segments on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family! I work with a pet shelter… how could we introduce and share one of our great dogs or cats who needs a home on the show? Thank you!!


  3. Larissa, on Monday the 27th, you demonstrated a retractable gate for your front door. I love this gate and my dogs can’t get out. They are both runners! Please tell us where we can find this gate!!


  4. Hello Larissa, we have one of the largest no-kill animal sanctuaries in St. Louis, MO, called “Open Door Animal Sanctuary”, and we have over 500 dogs and cats that we are trying to find their forever homes. We have many stories about our special furry friends at our facility. Would love the opportunity to share one of them with you on your show. I DVR the show and watch the episodes, especially your segment. Love the show and appreciate what you and the team at Hallmark do to try to find our 4-legged and some 3 legged friends a home. Thank you.


    • Hello! Astrid is available through Muttville in San Francisco! The website is I know Astrid is currently being checked out by their vet staff to assess her full health situation =)


  5. I would like to know what I can do, and where to even begin to stop the sale of non rescue dogs in Ohio? I would also like to Require AKC Breeders to be Registered as a business, stopping Puppy Mills. I have so many questions.
    Thanks for all you do.


  6. Thank you for all you and the Hallmark Channel are doing for the animals. I have been trying to keep my neighborhood free of un-neutered cats. Over the past 10 years I have had 39 cats neutered. I found homes for some, some have since passed away, etc. but I am still caring for 16 of them on a daily basis. I have five inside, I feed five adults and two kitten on my back porch twice a day and I also feed another four cats around the corner at the foot of a lady’s driveway. Occasionally I have two others that show up that have since taken over other people’s lives. I don’t know if you have talked about the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program but here in Tampa the Humane Society does TNR with feral cats on Mondays and most weeks they do well over 100 cats. There are a lot of people doing so much more than I do, trying to solve this problem. Our Animal Control will actually pick up ferals, have them neutered and return them to the neighborhood where they took them from. We here in Tampa are trying so hard to work on this problem. When the cats are neutered under the program, they give them an exam, their rabies shot and neuter them basically for no more than $25. But they must be brought into the HS in a trap. They also clip the tip off of the cats left ear (it doesn’t hurt or bleed) and that way when you find a cat with a tipped ear, you know it’s already been neutered.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your segment so very much.


  7. Hi Larissa, love watching Home and Family, but love to see you with the adoption segment. I rescued a little girl ( maybe she rescued me!) I would love to send you pictures of her and her big brother. They are the loves of my life. I also have 2 cats but I have raised them from when they were kittens. Angel and Danny are two fun furbabies. My cats are Persians. If you would like to see my two puppies let me know how to go about doing it. I went on Facebook general contact but no response came back. Have a wonderful day. Nancy


  8. Hi! Larissa my name is Ann Marie Krzys and I recently lost my American Eskimo after 8 years. He was a shelter dog which was abused by the first 2 owners and my niece was the third owner which unfortunately they were either taking him back to the shelter or giving him to us. He was never in a cage again our dog had the run of the house. He was a biter and I had to put him in the bedroom when we had company.. I had my first dog Josie which was a German Shepard for almost 16 years and when we got Casper the American Eskimo from my niece she thought he was 3 years old not knowing his real age and we had him only eight years which made him 11 years old. He passed away in December, 3 days before Christmas my Vet said when she did his X-Rays that his tummy was full of Cancer and he had a terrible cough which he was in congestive heart failure. Part of me died when he died I loved my dad so much . When I had a stroke last April It was because of my dog I got better after being down for eight weeks in bed he was by my side morning, noon ad night he would look at me with those sad blind eyes like Mommy lets go for a walk at the park. We went every day to the park sometimes twice a day. I’m writing to you to see if you can help me find another American Eskimo (male) like my Baby Casper. My husband can’t understand why I cry so much I miss him. I seen your show American Rescue Dog Show and was wondering if you can help me find another Casper.
    I live at 1245 Mary Drive SW Warren, Ohio 44481 My telephone number is 330-824-3168. I hope you can help me, I seen the show today on Home and Family and you are so sincere. That’s my favorite show. My Veterinary is Doctor Dianne Eddie her office is at 6100 Todd Ave SW Warren, Ohio 44481. Her telephone number is (330)824-3371.


  9. I just wanted to say you made my day I just happened to see your segment on Home and Family and I love what you are doing for the dogs and cats it’s awesome. And I love your smile you are a beautiful woman


  10. Larissa:

    Saw your segment on essential oils, and I had a situation with my cat Joey, bought some Tea Tree Oil to use and applied some on my toes, when my cat came near me he went crazy, I immediately washed it off and went and googled it and found out how bad it was for him….I threw it away. Thanks for letting others know about essential oils.

    Also, thank you for all you do for those animals out there needing homes. I adopted my Joey 9 years ago.


    Martha Watts


  11. Hi Larissa, watch you on Home & Family. Love you, love the show. My daughter rescued a kitty just wandering around. He was tiny and vet said maybe 5 wks old. From day one he has been over the moon active. He’s been spayed and is now abt 6 mos old. He is still a ball of fire. He jumps on my daughter constantly scratching and biting her. She knows not to use her hands as objects but he still goes for her hands and even bites her on the face. I can’t really describe to you how bad he is. In the middle of the night jumping and biting her. She has tried sprayIng with water but he just gets soaked! She’s very tender hearted and loves him. We hoped he would outgrow a lot of that but hasn’t a bit. She’s had kittens and cats all her life and just wants to cuddle and love on them. She’s not a child, she’s 38 years old. She won’t give him up because she’s attached to him. Please what can she do.. Thanks. Sue Scott


  12. I think you are doing Wonderful work to help get Animals adopted. My husband & I have 9 rescues. We work closely with our local Humane Society. We live on 25 acres with lots of room for them to run. We specialize in adopting herding dogs & large dogs. But love them all!!!


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