Water Safety for Pets

Summertime conjures visions of lounging by the pool or boating in the lake…and why wouldn’t you want your furbabies to join in the fun?

BUT before you bring your pups out to the water, make sure to think about safety!

Please watch below for some great products and tips every pet parent should know!

Calming the Canines

I LOVE this program! It is amazing and I hope all shelters follow suit! So what is it???? I know you’re just as excited as I am!

Calming the Canines is a program at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Arizona. It’s held on July 4th and New Years Eve when fireworks are abundant. The shelter invites volunteers and the general public to come to the shelter and help keep the animals distracted during the firework festivities! It’s been SUCH a huge hit and has even led to a few Adoption Ever Afters! Watch below to hear more!

4th of July Pet Safety

The 4th of July is a scary time for pets. Fireworks, toxic food and house parties are just a few things that you should keep an eye out for!

Dr. Courtney Campbell has some wonderful tips to help you at home so watch below!

How to throw a Paw-Some Puppy Party

Rescue pets are is gaining such popularity that many rescues are offering puppy parties! What is a puppy party exactly? Well I’m glad you asked! Basically you can think of it as a private adoption event!

You give the rescue a donation and they bring adoptable pets to you! Then you and your friends can interact, photograph, play with and HOPEFULLY adopt the furbaby of your dreams!

Watch below for some fun ideas to make your puppy party really POP!

Pet Parent Apps

Nowadays, being a great pet parent is as simple as looking at your phone! So here’s a couple apps that I’ve been reviewing and want to share!

1- Scritch

2-Finding Rover

Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Tail: Dilly

They choose us! I always say that and I really believe it’s true!

It definitely was for a longtime Hallmark Channel viewer named Terri Walsh. Terri was at home when she turned on “Home & Family” and saw little Daisy who was up for adoption through The Furgotten Rescue.

Terri was a huge dog lover and always had two golden retrievers. Unfortunately, a few months ago, one of them passed away. Terri contemplated the idea of just having a single dog….but her Golden Retriever named Sage didn’t agree.

Sage wasn’t doing well after the loss of her best friend and was showing signs of self destruction. That was the moment it clicked and Terri decided to follow up and find out more information on Daisy!

Watch below to see the awesome Happy Tail!

Canopy Cat Rescue

If you’ve ever been to Washington State, you know tthere are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, tall trees! While it’s a pretty sight from below, it’s not such a pretty sight from above… if you’re a stranded cat!

That’s where Tom Otto and Shaun Sears come in! These two brother-in-laws are certified arborists and were finding themselves getting more and more calls to help save stranded kitties! It didn’t take long for them to realize that there was an incredible need for this service at a price point that people could afford. To help, they created Canopy Cat Rescue! It runs solely on donations and has helped reunite families with thousands of pet cats so far!

Watch below to hear more about them and the cat they saved who was trapped for almost 1 full month!

Adoption Ever Wedding!

Rescue dogs are taking center stage in many weddings these days!

The trend to include your 4-legged family member in your nuptials has been growing over the last ten years.

Many couples opt to use their pets in their “Save the Date” cards or even their wedding invites, but some pet lovers are really going the extra mile and using their wedding to help pets in need!

Please watch below to see how creative many bride and grooms are becoming and how their big day is giving back in a BIG WAY!