Alley Cat Allies

Please meet Becky Robinson, the founder of Alley Cat Allies! This amazing cat advocacy organization does so much work to help cats in need. After the Camp Fire in Northern California, they rushed in to help. Four months later they’re still working tirelessly to reunite pet parents with their lost cats.

Please watch below to learn more and go to for more information!


Monday’s Med”L” Of Honor

This Monday’s Med”L” of honor is dedicated to Chad Atkins from Paw Works Rescue Group in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Chad and I became fast friends last year when I contacted him about bringing some adoptable dogs to our show and he immediately replied with “I’d love to hear more, but can we talk about it over drinks?”

I mean dogs and a glass of wine??? It was a friendship meant to be!

Anyway, Chad and his group of rescuers at Paw Works are truly amazing. They’ve saved 5,000 dogs to date and have no plans slowing down.

After the Woolsey fire devasted Southern California, Chad arranged a massive dog rescue operation. He, along with many other fantastic rescuers, went to all the local shelters and pulled more than 100 dogs (especially large ones) so that all the displaced animals from the fire would have a safe place to lay their head.

They also helped rescue scared horses, petrified pigs, lonely llamas and anything else that crossed their path during the fire relief efforts.

My respect for Chad only grew over Christmas when he saved a fospice dog named Sawyer. I fostered Sawyer for a few days and it was very clear that Sawyer needed more medical help than I could offer. I paced my kitchen Christmas Eve unsure what to do. Sawyer was going downhill and I desperately DIDN’T want to contact Chad on Christmas Eve. Finally, at midnight, I felt I had no other option. After a few rings, Chad answered and couldn’t have been more kind or helpful. He walked me through the process of caring for this sweet, old boy and sent a colleague to come help early the next morning.

For Chad, no matter how old, young, cute, funny looking, large or small an animal is, they deserve the best life paws-ible.

For that, he deserves this week’s Med”L” of honor!

Thank you to Chad and his courageous and beautiful team!!!

For more information go to

Spay & Neuter Angel Day

In just a few weeks, the third annual “Spay & Neuter Angel Day” will take place in 22 cities across the Country. What is it you may ask? Well…let me tell you!

This amazing day is the brainchild of comedian, actress and animal activist, Rebecca Corry. After her four-legged soul mate, named Angel, passed away in 2016, she realized she had to do something to help other pitbull “like” dogs. The best solution? Get as many of them spayed and neutered as possible so that unwanted litters are a thing of the past!

The event has grown tremendously and aims to get 877 pitbull “like” dogs altered on April 2nd. For more information, go to

Monday’s Med”L” of Honor

It’s been a while, but I’m back at it and planning to do my weekly Med”L” of Honor appreciation posts to show my heartfelt gratitude to others making strides in the animal welfare/rescue world.

This week’s post is dedicated to the one and only Scott Poore of Kansas City. Scott worked in corporate America for years, but like many of us, woke up one day with the realization he wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the normal round-the-clock grind.

He took a step back and made the realization that working with animals fuels his soul and warms his heart.

And thus began Scott’s journey to help the helpless.

He targets the dogs in Kansas City shelters who have been living there the longest. Sometimes months…sometimes multiple years.

He takes the time to look in their eyes, listen to their story, lay with them inside their kennels and understand their needs.

Then he goes to work …

Creating viral campaigns to get these voiceless and shut down pups into their forever homes!

And when I say viral, I mean VIRAL!

For example, Scott took a handful of large dogs, the only ones left behind at an adoption event, on a party bus for a day of pampering!

He bought a dog named Bunny, 50 of her favorite stuffed toys after he realized it was the ONLY thing giving her comfort in her lonely,cement kennel.

He also brings an animal a day home to his house to let them live 24 hours of freedom and love in a home environment.

To date, he’s helped hundreds of large dogs, often deemed “unadoptable” become adopted and that’s why SCOTT POORE deserves a Med”L” of honor!!

PS- To help fund his PAW-SOME efforts, Scott created the clothing line called “Mission Driven Goods.” All items are rescue oriented and ADORABLE!!

Check them out at