Adoptable Animal of the Day Videos




They may be called “American Gentleman” but these Boston Terriers are the perfect Golden Girls! Coco and Cece are 8 years old and would love a home together! They are super sweet and sleep all day!
Go to for more!

Looking for a long-haired dream man? Here he is! This is Aladdin the Prince. He’s a beautiful, 4-month old kitten who looks like a magical creamsicle!

For more information go to

Looking for a Sweetie for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got one for you! This older gal is full of love and life and wants a lap to cuddle in!

She’s available through Open Door Animal Sanctuary. Go to ODAS.Org for more!

Lindy is a gentle giant looking for an experienced owner. She is a mastiff/staffordshire terrier mix. She is only 3.5 years old which means she still has some puppy-like energy. She’d be best with a family who knows how to work with large dogs. Fore more info go to

Enook of the North is waiting for you! He’s a 3 year-old siberian husky with a sad past. Poor Enook was abandoned at a County shelter and sat in a cage for a while. He kept getting passed over, so the wonderful people at Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo, CA took him under their wing! Enook quickly found a home, but was then returned because he needed hip surgery and his owner couldn’t afford it. Once again, the wonderful folks at Woods Humane Society saved the day, by sending him for surgery and helping him recover. He’s not ready once again for his FOREVER home! For more info, go to

Having one ear doesn’t slow this little dude down! His name is Vincent Van Gogh and he’s an adorable chihuahua puppy! Vincent came from a hoarding situation and didn’t have much interaction with humans for the first few months of his life. He’s slightly timid with new people at first, but once he’s warmed up, he’s a total cuddle bug! For more info, go to

Mighty Mason is a maltese/shih tzu mix with tons of goofy energy! He loves cats, dogs, kids and belly rubs! He is currently in Louisville, KY at a rescue called Chelsea’s Legacy! For more information email FOST228@BellSouth.Net

Beemo the brute is a stunning big boy who loves to run and play! He’d be best in a home with a large yard and a friend! He can be a bit picky when it comes to his buddies, so a meet and greet is a good idea!
For more information go to

Silly Sarah is an adorable little Kitty Fairy! She is about 6 months old and very playful. She loves her catnip and will even walk on a leash! Don’t let this little lady get away, find out more at

Grayson the Great deserves a round of applause. This senior love bug was so severely neglected and matted, that the groomers couldn’t salvage any of his hair. What we know about Grayson is that he lived in Los Angeles in someone’s backyard his entire life. He never received the love and care a dog deserves, yet he doesn’t hold a grudge. He wants nothing more than to snuggle, be loved and curl up next to his person. He TRULY deserves an amazing home and we won’t settle for anything less! Contact for more!

Looking to adopt a Kangaroo? This precious pumpkin is the dog for you! Her name is Kanga because she hops right into your heart! She was born with a leg deformity, but it doesn’t stop her from getting around like any other dog! She is timid at first, and needs a loving and patient forever home who can let her blossom on her own timeline. We don’t know much about her backstory, but by her behavior, we don’t think it was a good one =(
For more info, go to

Exuberant Brenna is waiting to bounce into her new home! This (not so little) lady is full of fun-loving energy! She was rescued from a Los Angeles shelter after being passed over for months! Because she was a shelter staff favorite, this lucky gal survived.
She is now thriving with the wonderful LA rescue called Birte Foundation. For more info, go to

Teeny Tiny Tinkerbell is a little fairy in a dogs body! She is around 8 years old and only 6 pounds. She would be best in a home with someone who is around most of the day because she does suffer from a little separation anxiety.
For more information, go to

Mighty Max and his amazing under bite will keep you laughing for days. This little scruff muffin would be an amazing agility dog candidate. He’s very smart and loves to explore. He also loves being rewarded with a little scratch behind the ears!
For more information, go to

Ramsey the rockstar will stun you with his good looks and mohawk hair! He’s truly “one cool dude” who is ready to roll over and get lots of belly rubs! He’s still pretty young and has an abundance of goofy energy!
For more info, go to

Bring a little Royalty into your life this year with the debonair Prince Charles! He’s a 4 month old kitten who only has one eye! He loves to play and loves to give “winks”!

For more information go to

Chewie and his best friend, Sloth, are ready to come over and play! Chewie is just 4 months old and would love a family who is looking for some puppy energy to brighten their day! He is a terrier mix and has huge, adorable ears! For more information go to

Please meet our little Yulin survivor, Yo Yo! I think he’s really a Yoda Bear pretending to be a dog, but I’ll leave that up to you! Yo-Yo was rescued by Animal Hope and Wellness in Los Angeles as he was on his way to become someone’s dinner in China. Can you even imagine????
This little guy is about 3 years old and couldn’t be sweeter. He is a little on the shy side, but is slowly coming out of his shell. He loves cuddling, sitting on laps and being adored. He’d be best in a quiet home with older kids (as young kids may scare him a bit). For more info, go to

Who doesn’t want some Gold in their life? How about this adorable Mari-GOLD???
This pit mix is really a hippo in disguise. She is the goofiest 5 year old who has been waiting way TOOO long for her happy ending. Marigold was not taken care of by her owners and her soulful eyes tell a story of neglect and abuse. She sat in the shelter for months before being rescued by the amazing Dawg Squad in Los Angeles. She is extremely gentle, loving and affectionate. She is a strong lil lady, so expect to grow some arm muscles from those daily walks! Find out more at

Looking for a little hershey kiss mixed with magical fairy dust? Look no further than Rocket Man! This 13 week old angel is spunky, playful and likes to be rocked like a baby! He’d be great with an active family who loves to play and can continue his basic training! For more info, go to

Looking to brighten up your winter? Why not adopt this adorable orange and white creamsicle kitty! His name is Eddie Munster and he is a playful little guy! He’s only 10 weeks old and would be great for a family with an active little one or another playful cat!

For more information, go to

What a stunner! This boy named Shaun is sure to get some cat calls while strutting his stuff down the street! He is an Australian shepherd heartbreaker who would be amazing at agility, hiking, running, etc…
At only 6 months old, he has a lot of love to give! For more information go to

ADOPTION PENDING: Angie’s story will touch your heart. This little caramel colored nugget was rescued by an amazing rescue called Animal Hope and Wellness. They brought her to California after she was slated to be killed and eaten in China. She was in very rough shape and almost didn’t survive. She is now thriving and learning to love again. Please take a look and find out more information through Animal Hope and Wellness Rescue.

Is he a wolf or is he a dog???? That’s what you’ll say to yourself when you see this beautiful boy named Emmitt! He’s a 3 year old Husky and he’d be best in a home with another dog or active people! He loves belly rubs too! For more info, go to

Astrid is a magical unicorn mixed with marshmallow fluff. She is 12 years young and requires only a lap to curl on and a heart to love! She is available through Muttville in San Francisco, CA. Go to for more information!

ADOPTED: Adrian Brody is the funniest looking little dude! He is full of love and energy and would do best in a home with playful kids or active adults!
He’s available through Love Leo Rescue in LA.

ADOPTED!!! Basilia with the piglet tail is looking for her forever family! She is 14 pounds of puppy love! Basilia fought Parvo and came out a survivor! She is located in Bath, Pennsylvania at Pibbles Paws Safe Haven!

Big girl Blue still needs a home! She’s been in rescue for a couple years due to some health issues. She’s very gentle and sweet though and would love a lap and a friend for the holidays! Contact for more information!

Charley the cat has 22 toes! He is polydactil and that means he has even more to love! For more information, go to

Charlie is a Husky Husky who is just like everyone in LA….on a diet!
He was rescuing after his former owners tried having him euthanized for NOTHING! He is the epitome of a gentle giant and is available through

Where is this little “Romeo’s” Juliet???? He has been patiently waiting at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles?

Will you be his “Happy Ever After”?

ADOPTED!!! Maggie is a gorgeous Airedale terrier who would love a home for the holidays! She is young, vivacious and low-shedding for those allergy sufferers! Find out more at the Legacy Humane Society in Texas!

Talk about a blonde beauty… this gal won’t be on the market long! Her name is Delia and she is stunning. She’s a 9-month old golden retriever who is the result of horrible breeding. She was born with hip dysplasia (due to bad breeding…did I mention that?) Her wonderful rescue, Delaney’s Dog is raising money to get her surgery and find her an amazing home!
For more information, go to

ADOPTED!!! Big Ben is a very self sufficient doggy who was rescued after Hurricane Harvey and now lives at the wonderful Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in Pennsylvania! Make sure to catch his trick in the video below!

Carly and Axel are so adorable. They’re 6-7 years old and were saved from a possible breeding situation. Between them, they weigh about 10 pounds! They’re a bonded pair and must go to a home together!

For more information:

ADOPTED!!! Audrey the great is too cute for words! She’s 11 years young and loves belly rubs, laps and lazy days!

For more information, check out

Ellie is my latest foster and she is just too cute for words! She’s visually impaired but has tons of personality! She’s available at

ADOPTED!!! Wally the Weenie is looking for a wonderful lap to lay on! He was rescued by Daschunds And Friends Rescue in Los Angeles and can be yours now!

Blackberry is looking for you!

ADOPTED!!! Sweet Sparrow was saved from laboratory testing by Beagle Freedom Project!

ADOPTED!!!Sandy the golden retriever.

Lila the declawed cat is absolutely gorgeous and available through Meow Co. In Bakersfield, CA!

Kitten Party!!!

Princess Zoe is the goofiest little gal around town! She loves belly rubs and knows how to “sit” and go “down”. Her foster mom says she is the perfect pet for a very lucky family! For more information, go to

ADOPTED!!! Joey with the satellite ears is the cutest little dude in the world! He’s a long haired chi and is the perfect couch potato! For more information, go to

ADOPTED!!! Pile of Puppies !!! Look at how adorable these babies are! Izzy, Olive, Mandy and Chelsea are ready for their new homes! They’re between 10 and 13 weeks old and available through Foxy and the Hounds Rescue in Los Angeles! Email!

ADOPTED!!! Poor little Luna traveled all the way from Texas to San Luis Obispo after Hurricane Harvey displaced her and her friends. She’s now waiting for her forever home. She doesn’t require much, except for love and a warm lap! Contact Woods Humane Society for more information!

Ace is a big boy who needs a loving home! He’s available in Texas at

ADOPTED!!! Asher is a 5-year old Cavalier King Charles in Alabama! He was recently rescued from a puppy mill and is finally learning to love and explore like a dog should!
For more information, check out Cavalier Rescue of Alabama!

Tripod Oliver is looking for his forever home! His back, left leg had to be amputated due to an old injury, but he doesn’t miss it one bit! Oliver gets around just fine and would love a forever home! He’s only 2.5 years old and has lots of love and kisses to give!

Meet Charlie, the 3 year old kitty who likes to give hugs! Charlie is located in Wahoo, Nebraska and needs a home after his owner was deployed to help fight for our Country! He’s available at!

Creamsicle is a 4-year old male kitty who would love a quiet home to call his own! He is now living at Animal Friends rescue in Pittsburgh, PA, but would much prefer YOUR loving arms!

ADOPTED!!!Daisy Lou is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) who will steal your heart in a second! She was rescued after her owners tried to euthanize her because she had a broken leg.
She’s available through

ADOPTED!!! Betsy is a 15 year-old qt pie, who only has a few teeth….but TONS of love to share! She has been adopted by an amazing family in Arizona!
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.30.02 PM


Tess is a silly, little girl who was rescued from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey! She is located at the Tulsa Humane Society and would love to make you her new mommy or daddy!

Chester McSnuggles is a spunky senior waiting for his forever home! He loves people, dogs and cats and is an easy going and calm!
For more information, go to

Diana is a smiling bull terrier mix, rescued from the Downey Shelter in LA. She was placed in a home, but then had to go back to rescue because the family moved away. She is now in boarding and would love a foster or family to call her own! Please contact for more information!!!


ADOPTED!!! Foxy was brought to “Friends For Life Animal Shelter and Sanctuary” in Houston, TX after her owner’s house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. He knew Foxy deserved a better life, so he surrendered her to the rescue to help! Foxy is a super sweet little girl who loves to smile and follow her human around the house!

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.49.18 AM

Wonder Woman is a 4 year-old miniature pinscher. She is a sweetie pumpkin pie who loves giving kisses and smiling!
She’s available through

Here at “Home & Family”, I want to make sure ALL dogs and rescues are getting exposure, so we’re going to profile some amazing rescues that have taken in Hurricane Harvey animals!

The first one is “Labradors and Friends” in San Diego! They have taken in more then 50 dogs who had nowhere else to go! Please take a look at their website for more info on them and “Martin” and “Mary Puppins”!

ADOPTED!!!!! Bianca is a GORGEOUS poodle mix available through She was rescued from a high-kill shelter in LA and is ready for her new home. She’s about a year and a half old and would be best in a house that’s understanding of her “puppy” energy and needs!

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Delaney-Bianca Adopted

ADOPTED!!!!! Buddy White:
This pomeranian/American Eskimo mix loves giving kisses and playing in the grass! He’s currently on an adoption trial, but you can meet more of his friends at NoKillKern.Org


ADOPTED!!! Honey: 6-9 month chihuahua/dauschund mix rescued from Mexico.
Available at

Jonah: Adorable puppy saved from a Los Angeles kill shelter. Jonah survived “puppy strangles” and can’t wait to find his forever home. He’s available at

Luna: The most loving and goofy blue nose pit bull you’ll ever meet! She’s 5 years old and loves belly rubs and naps! She should be the only animal in the house because she wants her human to herself =) Available at

ADOPTED!!!!! Colby: Can you even handle this face? Colby is part dog/ part cartoon character! His smile in infectious and he loves attention, dogs and playtime! He’s availalbe at


Delaney- Colby Adopted

Hi everyone, my name is Brodie! I’m a cute little guy made of cocker spaniel, sugar and fairy dust. I was brought into the West Valley Animal Shelter (LA County) and was put in a cold kennel this summer. I didn’t know why I was there and I kept getting picked on by my kennel mates =( I sat in the shelter for a few weeks and nobody seemed to want me. I would always come to the front of the kennel and smile big when people walked by, but nobody stopped to take me home. Finally I made it out… and man did I have the biggest smile on my face! I couldn’t wait to get into a nice, warm home and curl up on a cozy bed. I’m currently living with my foster mom and her other doggies in Los Angeles, but I’d really like a home of my own! I love belly rubs, walks around the block, car rides, food and treats (I’m a bit of a chunk monkey, but I think it’s kinda cute!)

Please email my foster mom at to meet me in person! I promise to give you lots of love and kisses!


Love, Brodie


Screen shot 2017-08-05 at 6.51.51 PM