Thor Almighty-A Will To Survive

I’ve seen many amazing stories of transformation in the rescue world…but this one is sure to take your breath away.

Thor, an injured and sick puppy was left to die in Mexico. He was beat up, neglected and endured hardships NOBODY (human or animal) should EVER have to.

That said, Thor NEVER stopped loving anyone who crossed his path. His big, loving eyes and goofy smile continued…even as his poor body was breaking down.

Thankfully, an amazing man named Jf Pryor, from The Real Bark Rescue, saw a plea for Thor online and decided to help.

He had no idea what he was in for…but he knew Thor needed a miracle.

To see Thor’s beautiful story of determination, forgiveness and unconditional love, click below! You can find out more information at


Bissell Pet Foundation’s Blocktail Party

The 13th annual Blocktail party was a raging success! It helped raise over half a million dollars for the Bissell Pet Foundation and hundreds of animals in need.

Watch below to see all the fun festivities for 2 and 4 legged creatures =)

Humane Society of West Michigan

What an amazing trip to Michigan! I had an absolute blast exploring the area, going to the Humane Society of West Michigan and learning all about their amazing facility! Please watch below for some adorable animals that YOU can save right NOW!



Happy Tails: Grandpa Grayson

This segment made my heart sing and my soul smile! Grandpa Grayson (now Austin) is living a life of love and luxury after being adopted by an amazing family in Orange County, CA.

You may remember Grayson, who I scooped up from being dumped at the shelter by his owners. I took him and his two siblings to safety. They were clearly neglected and had lived a hard life. All 3 were taken into rescue by the amazing folks of Daschunds and Friends Rescue in LA.

Watch below to see how amazing Grayson (now Austin’s) life is today!

Gregory the Viral Freedom Ride Star

There’s nothing better than an awesome freedom ride photo….
That moment a dog is busted out of the shelter and on his journey to his new life!

Watch below to see Gregory, who’s photo went viral for obvious reasons!!!