About Larissa


Larissa Wohl grew up with a heart to heal and a determination to save the underdogs of the world.
At a very young age, Larissa and her mother Liz, found themselves saving unwanted animals of all sorts. From small to large dogs, dozens of rabbits and many stray cats, the Wohl household quickly became the “go-to” haven for animals in need.

During her teen and college years Larissa became even more active in learning animal welfare issues and volunteering at local shelters.

Pulling over to corral a lost dog, emergency runs to the California Wildlife Station and jumping in a shopping center pond to save a baby duck, were all in a days work!

However it wasn’t until Larissa became a news anchor and reporter that she realized her true calling in life. Mixing her love of journalism and animals, Larissa became the local animal expert in every news market she worked in.
She uncovered a local animal dumping ground in Arizona, introduced the world to issues plaguing Central California shelters, and highlighted the importance for helping senior dogs in San Diego.
Larissa’s life mission is to use her voice to help the voiceless.

You can now see Larissa everyday helping expand Hallmark’s “Adoption Ever After” initiative. From hosting daily animal adoptions to Kitten Bowl Live to the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show, Larissa’s unbridled passion and unwavering dedication shines through.