Merryweather & Lola-from Louisiana to LA LA Land

Merryweather on her first time out of her cage in a while! She had the BIGGEST smile!

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’ve been knee deep in doggy saving mode. Sometimes I think I definitely have a divided self…I can work, socialize, get tasks done…all while my head is thinking about all the dogs I CAN’T save and all the dogs I’m trying to save. So in short, I apologize if you’ve been on a date or outing with me the last week and a half because I’ve been juggling a lot!

That said, these two beautiful baby girls will be landing in Los Angeles in less than two and a half hours!

A quick recap for you on who these magical fairies are:

Merryweather- A stunning brown pibble mix who was brutally raped by a human in Louisiana. She was the victim of beastiality in both her front and back end. She was found abandoned near train tracks by an officer, who brought her to St. Landry Parish Animal Control in Opelousas, Louisiana. This girl is a true survivor who was extremely underweight and had to undergo 4 surgeries to put her insides back together. It’s a horrific story that happens all too often and is extremely hard to fathom. That said, this girl is the SWEETEST lovebug. In fact, it’s probably BECAUSE she’s so sweet and submissive that she was violated to begin with. Most abusers choose dogs like Merryweather because they know they won’t fight back. Thank God Stacey Alleman, the director of the shelter, has helped her recover physically and mentally. Now the rest of her journey begins….

Lola- A gorgeous catahoula mix who was clearly bred and dumped. She was very timid, depressed and nervous and was getting sick in her kennel. She had green goop coming out of her eyes and nose and I knew she didn’t have much time before her health took a toll for the worst and she’d be put down. We took her for a walk when we were at the shelter and it was clear IMMEDIATELY that this girl has A LOT of love to give for years to come. We transported her to the local vet where she got antibiotics and the chance to enjoy love, air conditioning and a cozy bed for the first time in who knows how long!

Anyhoo, these cuties have no idea the amazing life they have in store for them. Thanks to Deity Animal Rescue in Los Angeles for taking them under her wing, Fiona Apple, Zelda and Brian Gross for flying to Louisiana and driving them home AND TO EVERYONE who shared, donated and helped in some way or another!!

The first time I laid eyes on Lola, when she was depressed and sick in her cage

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