Monday’s Med”L” of Honor

This week’s Med”L” of honor goes to Ellen Dante of Deity Animal Rescue!

When I first met Ellen, I was taken aback by her gorgeous hair-which always looks perfectly done…. (no easy feat for an animal rescuer!).

But it didn’t take long to realize that underneath her luscious locks (and face) is an even more gorgeous heart!

Ellen is an avid animal lover and never turns down a dog in need.

She currently has not one, but TWO, 2-legged dogs… a Pitbull named Willy Wonka with wonky legs (but don’t tell Willy that, because she gets around just fine) … and a plethora of other special needs fur babies.

In addition to all of that, she has somehow managed to raise an adorable human child who also loves and cares for animals. I can barely wash my face each morning…. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Recently Ellen came to my aide when I put out a call for help for an older grandpa dog named Wayne. Wayne was living in various animal shelters for more than a year before I spotted him a few months ago. The second I laid eyes on him, I knew he was special. I asked Ellen to help and she DID! She pulled Wayne out of the shelter and had him in his forever home within days!!! It’s truly remarkable and wouldn’t have happened without her help.

I know what you’re thinking right about now, how can there be more, right???? BUT THERE IS!!!

Ellen ALSO runs an inspiring jewelry and gift store called Deity and Dogs  and Goods in Beverly Hills. They carry “rescue oriented” jewelry (that her and her partner Lindsay make) along with other rescue art and clothing!

I highly recommend you checking it out when you’re in the Los Angeles area!

Thank you Ellen for all your hard work and for always going the extra mile!

For more info:


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