Monday’s Med”L” of Honor

This weeks Med “L” of honor goes to stand-up comedian, writer, actress and Pitbull advocate, Rebecca Corry!

I met Rebecca a couple months ago when I heard about her foundation, “Stand Up For Pits,” which helps raise funds and spread awareness about the plight of Pitbulls in shelters.

In addition to the foundation’s ongoing outreach and education, they’ve developed an annual “Spay and Neuter Angel Day” which is happening tomorrow, April 2nd.

It was created after Rebecca’s amazing Pitbull named Angel passed away 3 years ago.

While alive, Angel and Rebecca worked tirelessly to help educate others about Pitbull discrimination and all the myths surrounding the breed.

This year’s “Spay and Neuter Angel Day” aims to fix almost 900 Pitbull (and Pitbull-like) dogs for low income pet parents. This is a MAJOR help for them as well as a MAJOR help for our animal overpopulation! The event will be taking place in 22 cities across the country and keeps growing every year!

A huge thank you to Rebecca and Angel for being the voice for these voiceless block head babies!

For more information, go to


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