Monday’s Med”L” of Honor

It’s been a while, but I’m back at it and planning to do my weekly Med”L” of Honor appreciation posts to show my heartfelt gratitude to others making strides in the animal welfare/rescue world.

This week’s post is dedicated to the one and only Scott Poore of Kansas City. Scott worked in corporate America for years, but like many of us, woke up one day with the realization he wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the normal round-the-clock grind.

He took a step back and made the realization that working with animals fuels his soul and warms his heart.

And thus began Scott’s journey to help the helpless.

He targets the dogs in Kansas City shelters who have been living there the longest. Sometimes months…sometimes multiple years.

He takes the time to look in their eyes, listen to their story, lay with them inside their kennels and understand their needs.

Then he goes to work …

Creating viral campaigns to get these voiceless and shut down pups into their forever homes!

And when I say viral, I mean VIRAL!

For example, Scott took a handful of large dogs, the only ones left behind at an adoption event, on a party bus for a day of pampering!

He bought a dog named Bunny, 50 of her favorite stuffed toys after he realized it was the ONLY thing giving her comfort in her lonely,cement kennel.

He also brings an animal a day home to his house to let them live 24 hours of freedom and love in a home environment.

To date, he’s helped hundreds of large dogs, often deemed “unadoptable” become adopted and that’s why SCOTT POORE deserves a Med”L” of honor!!

PS- To help fund his PAW-SOME efforts, Scott created the clothing line called “Mission Driven Goods.” All items are rescue oriented and ADORABLE!!

Check them out at

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