Monday’s Med”L” of Honor

This week’s med”l” of honor goes to the one and only Debbie Bloom from
“A Purposeful Rescue.”

I met Debbie last year working on Hallmark Channel’s American Rescue Dog Show! Debbie’s dog “Jackie” won the entire contest and proved to the world that senior dogs (and their owners) ROCK!




Ever since that first meeting, I’ve witnessed Debbie spring into action multiple times to help an animal in need. It doesn’t matter the size, breed or time of day, she’s there to help…with her awesome clothes, NY accent and perfectly done beach hair that I still can’t manage on myself!

During the excruciating hot months here in LA, I reached out to Debbie with ONE TEXT to see if there was anything we could do …and 24 hours later she had raised thousands of dollars and was transporting thousands of pounds of ice to all the shelters in the nearby (and not nearby) area. It was absolutely unbelievable!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.30.03 PM

Debbie and the rescue she works with, “A Purposeful Rescue” doesn’t take in the cute, fluff balls that are easily adopted. They take in the true underdogs. The seniors, the special needs, the matted, neglected and discouraged…the ones that have little hope of ever leaving the shelter through the FRONT door.

For THAT and all the other times she’s come to our set or sent encouraging texts…she is this weeks MED”L” of HONOR!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.32.12 PM.png

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