Animal Shelter Heat Relief

It is HOTTTTT out there and the animals are suffering. Unfortunately, most animal shelters don’t have tons of money to provide great air conditioning units for all the animals. I’m not knocking anyone or any facility, it just is an unfortunate fact. Resources are low and the stray animal population is high.

So…what can you do to help? I spent a few minutes asking myself the same question before grabbing my car keys, my tennis shoes and driving out to my local shelters to find out.

Here’s what I discovered….

KONG toys are the toughest toys, which means MOST shelters feel comfortable allowing their dogs to use them. They are NOT indestructible, but hold up better than most other toys and can be washed and reused.
KONGS can also be frozen and given to the dogs as a much needed cold treat.
They also act as an enrichment activity, giving the shelter dogs something to do, in their otherwise, empty day =(

Recipe for KONGS:

1-Put a little dog biscuit inside to cover the small KONG hole
2-Add spoonfuls of PLAIN yogurt and PLAIN pumpkin (about 1/2 full) **Do not use Pie Filling Pumpkin**

3-Cover the holes with foil (if you need)
4-Freeze overnight
5-Let your dog go to town and enjoy!

You can also donate ice and ice blocks. Ask your local supermarket and ice shops if they’re willing to donate!

Kiddie pools are a great addition for the animals. You can easily find them this time of year, and most shelters will happily accept them.

Lastly, industrial fans are a huge help. Most kennels don’t have great airflow. These fans are large and pricey, but extremely necessary!


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