Rescue Your Fitness

I LOVE seeing creative ways shelters and rescues are helping spread the word about adoption!

Recently I noticed that “fitness” seems to be a running theme (pun intended), so I HAD to dive in and investigate!

First up, Kitten Yoga! This class was even more fun than I expected. The kittens were all up for adoption through Kitten Rescue Los Angeles and the whole experience was organized by Cats on Mats in Los Angeles! To see upcoming classes, check out @CatsonMatsLA on Instagram! I promise you’ll have a good time!

Next, hiking with rescue dogs! This PAW-sitively brilliant idea is organized by the non-profit, Free Animal Doctor! A few times a week they gather rescue dogs and meet up with a group of hikers at well known hiking locations! The hikers (who have signed up for this exciting activity) get to experience some doggy companionship WHILE doing a good deed. The dogs get to exercise, socialize and publicize their need for a home!

Talk about bringing the shelter to the people!!!

To find out more about the rescue hikes, go to

And if you don’t believe that programs like this can work, check out the success story of Fred! Fred was a homeless dog in Santa Maria, California.
Luckily, the shelter he was at decided to team up with their local high school called St. Joseph High. The idea was simple…the cross country running team students would pick a shelter dog to exercise with. It was a win-win for both parties and it worked!

Little Fred stole his running buddy’s heart and found his forever home.

Watch below for all the details!

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