My Plea for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is all about fun and celebration…for HUMANS.

The 4th of July is all about terror and escaping the noise…for PETS.

This means the 5th of July is all about hundreds of runaway dogs and cats being turned into shelters….

Which means that many animals have to be euthanized to make room for the incoming animals.

SOOOOO…with that said, I am urging and pleading with everyone to do their part.

1-Use caution with your own animals!
-Make sure they are tagged and microchipped
-Don’t take them to 4th of July celebrations
-Keep them in a secure area where they can’t escape during scary fireworks
-Keep white noise, tv or radio on to help drown out the noise of fireworks
-Exercise them prior to leaving them in enclosed area, so they are relaxed and tired

2-Pay It Forward!
Best Friends Animal Society is urging everyone to join their “Pay It Forward” campaign to help increase adoptions right now!

It’s super easy: pay $25.00, which goes towards an adoption fee for 1 animal. When that animal gets adopted, the new parents don’t have to pay a penny….BUT they can pay it forward and help sponsor ANOTHER dog for $25.00….and the good deed goes on and on and on.

More then 270 shelters across the Country are participating. To find one near you, go to:

3-Foster, foster, foster
Most rescues/shelters are desperate right now. If you can open your home for even 4 days, it helps create room for all the lost animals (until owners come to claim them).

It’s free, easy and VERY fulfilling for your own psyche. Google your local shelters and inquire NOW!

It will make you an awesome human!


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