Doggies and Coffee?? What could be better?!

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do each morning is wake up, pour myself (my already brewed) coffee and let the dogs out!

That’s exactly the idea behind Hounds & Grounds Coffee Co., created by Jordan Karcher.

Just like most fantastic ideas, this one was inspired a beautiful girl….

A girl named Molly with 4 paws and a wet nose =)

Molly came into Jordan’s life by accident…while he was a on a walk to breakfast in Santa Monica.
She was in less than stellar condition. Skinny, scared and desperately needing some TLC and a home.

The next thing she knew, she was adopted by Jordan, had a new last name and had inspired her new dad to start a company to help other dogs in need!

Watch below for more information on Hounds & Grounds Coffee Co., and how you can help!

One thought on “Doggies and Coffee?? What could be better?!

  1. We saw this segment and as a proud rescue family & ☕ lover this touched our 💙! We went to grounds and hounds and made a purchase to support this mission. Thanks for sharing the message & the incredible love that rescues bring a family!


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