There’s no vacation in animal rescue!

On my latest trip to Maui, while enjoying a wonderful day by the pool, I heard murmurs coming from the pool staff nearby. I looked over and saw them all staring down at the ground. Immediately, I leapt to my feet and marched over to see what was going on. There….on the ground…in the grass was a teeny tiny little baby bird. It was completely bald and had little ants crawling all over it. It was still alive, but clearly struggling. My heart broke for this little creature and I knew I had to do something.

I called the Maui Humane Society as well as other wildlife sanctuaries on the island. Unfortunately, they all told me there was nothing they could do. I FINALLY found a veterinary clinic in Kihei that said they had a friend who could help rehab the bird if I managed to get him/her there in the next 30 minutes.

Clearly, I knew what had to be done! Dad and I jumped in the car with little Moishe the mynah bird (that’s what I named it) and took off to Kihei Vet Clinic! We make it in record time and I handed over the little one to a wonderful woman named Amanda Torres. Thanks to her and her friend, this little guy is thriving and doing well!

Watch below to see the transformation!!


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