Sometimes the best things happen by accident

John Flores didn’t mean to become a Pitbull advocate…but someone (or something) had a different plan in mind!

After suffering his 6th concussion, Flores ended up having to drop out of work and drop out of life.
He was unable to do menial tasks like tying his shoes, driving or even talking in complete sentences.

The brain damage he suffered led him to a slew of doctors. Physical therapists, general practitioners, etc…

Then one day, during a visit with his therapist, his life changed. Her advice? Get a dog to take care of so he could stop pitying himself!

That advice led Flores to the best decision of his life… adopting a 6-month old pitbull named Penny Lane!

Penny Lane changed Flores and his family in more ways than one…and as they say, the rest is history!

Please watch below to find out how you can help I Pitty The Bull and all the amazing life-saving work they’re doing!!


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