Thank Dog I Am Out

An amazing non-profit organization in Canada has come up with an amazing solution to help our animal over-population disaster.

Why not transport hundreds of dogs on death row in the United States and find them amazing homes in British Columbia, where they actually have a SHORTAGE of adoptable dogs!!!!

The non-profit is called “Thank Dog I Am Out” and it was created by an amazing woman named Susan Patterson!

Please watch below for details on their absolutely amazing life-saving efforts!!!

For more information, go to

2 thoughts on “Thank Dog I Am Out

  1. How about checking out the rescue Recycled Pomeranians and Schipperke Rescue. They are a true 501.3c doing amazing things with only volunteers. Last year alone they rescued over 500 dogs and adopted out over 500 dogs on just donations alone. This has been going on at this rate for over 5 years. Please check them out. People travel from all over the states to adopt from this rescue.

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