Why it’s IMPERATIVE to research dog breeds before you adopt!

Being a rescuer can be so rewarding as well as incredibly sad and defeating.

You do absolutely everything you can to save a life, only to know that there are millions more you will never get to reach in time.

I usually compare it to a revolving door because the issue never ends.

On a more positive note, there are steps EVERYONE can take to help the cause.

One of those steps is to thoroughly research any dog breed you are interested in (and spread the word to everyone you know)!

Oftentimes, people adopt a dog on a whim because it’s really cute or fluffy or their neighbors best friend’s uncle had one that they fell in love with.

The problem with this scenario is that many don’t think about the long term commitment and challenges certain dog breeds may bring to the table.

For example, not many things can beat the cuteness factor of an adorable baby Siberian Husky. They’re soft, silly and have eyes that can melt an ice sculpture. However, those little baby huskies will (no matter how hard you try to stop them) grow to be 35-70 pound working dogs with a thick coat of fur!
Their “working” instincts make them very smart, but very savvy at getting into trouble if they’re not properly trained!

In addition to that, they have an amazing knack at escaping and put the “H” in Houdini!

And that’s where the problem lies….

And that’s why I see CONSTANT posts like this…

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 1.24.49 PM

So please please please help the cause by thoroughly thinking through any dog and its breed that you are considering bringing into your life! This truly is a human issue and not a dog issue!

Let’s spread the word so everyone understands the importance of this simple step!!!



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