“Friends On Us Friday’s”


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This week I had the pleasure of being in a segment with North Shore Animal League America! They are the world’s largest no-kill organization and focus on animals in need as well as EDUCATING the public!

The education part is what (in turn) will hopefully lead to more spaying/neutering and adoptions! **FINGERS CROSSED**

Anyhow, this week (8/11/17) is the official kick off of their new initiative called “Friends On Us Fridays!” It’s in conjunction with Zappos For Good, who is sponsoring FREE adoptions at shelters across the Country every Friday until Thanksgiving!

That’s a HUGE savings (both literally and figuratively). This week they’re in Los Angeles at the Burbank, Baldwin Park and Agoura shelters!

Please take a look at these links for more information and take advantage of this opportunity to find your new best friend for free.

However, I MUST mention that even though the adoption is free, don’t forget that owning a cat/dog is a lifelong commitment. That means you should always factor in your finances before making an impulsive decision. Food, treats, grooming, vet visits, etc….are all part of being a responsible dog parent and should be planned for accordingly =)


Happy Tails Everyone!

For more information: http://www.animalleague.org/friends-on-us-fridays/


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