Auggie the Big Boy

Available through Pasadena Humane Society


No Date in Maui? No Problem! Find A Rescue Dog Instead!!!

Think Maui vacations are only for lovers???

Think again…because now you can frolic on the beach with a rescue dog instead!!!

It’s all in the name of adoption and it’s PAWS-ITIVELY PAW-SOME!

The program is called “Beach Buddies” and it’s run by the Maui Humane Society. They offer the outings a couple days a week and you must sign up in advance. Then…show up, grab a backpack filled with doggy goodies and necessities (water, treats, doggie sunscreen, important contact numbers and (of course) poop bags!) and head out for a fun-filled day of adventure with your adoptable pooch.

You can go for a hike, run in the waves or snooze in the sun (but don’t forget to lather up on SPF for you and your dog).

Of course it’s a blast for both parties (on two legs and four), but don’t forget the main goal is to spread awareness about adoption and find a forever home for your chosen buddy! Plus it also gets your furry new friend out of his or her kennel, allowing them to decompress, exercise and have a dog-gone good day!

The fine print:
Maui Humane Society asks for a $20.00 donation for the excursion and
Hawaiian rule states that you MUST keep your dog on leash at all times.

My opinion: It’s a PRICELESS adventure worth every penny….

Please watch video below to check out my beach buddy date with Skye!!!

For more information on Beach Buddies, go to :

Who Saved Who

It was such a pleasure getting to work with country music legend, Wade Hayes!

His latest song about his incredible bond with his dog, Jack, speaks to all pet lovers!

Jack was a neglected stray who hopped in Wade’s truck and transformed his life!

Please watch below for more info!