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Thank Dog I Am Out

An amazing non-profit organization in Canada has come up with an amazing solution to help our animal over-population disaster.

Why not transport hundreds of dogs on death row in the United States and find them amazing homes in British Columbia, where they actually have a SHORTAGE of adoptable dogs!!!!

The non-profit is called “Thank Dog I Am Out” and it was created by an amazing woman named Susan Patterson!

Please watch below for details on their absolutely amazing life-saving efforts!!!

For more information, go to ThankDogIAmOut.com

Kitten Season isn’t as cute as it sounds

There are 30-40 million estimated street cats in the US. Only 2% are believed to be spayed or neutered. That means….hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens are born each year during “kitten season”.

Many of these kittens are brought into local shelters.
Unfortunately, the majority of shelters can’t handle the flood of underage kittens that require around the clock feeding, manual bathroom stimulation and medical treatment.
Because of this, underage kittens are routinely euthanized by the thousands.

SO what can you do to help?


For more info, go to BestFriendsLA.org