Loyal Lucky

To adopt: http://www.pawsinthecity.org


A promise is a promise!

Please meet Sal Valdepena the creator of Balooja’s Foundation in Los Angeles.

Balooja’s Foundation was formed after Sal lost his 3-pound soul mate named Bailey Balooja.

Bailey suffered from numerous neurological conditions but it didn’t stop him from spreading love everywhere he went.

Unfortunately, after 6 years, it was time for Bailey to cross the rainbow bridge. While doing so, Sal made Bailey a promise….to help other sick dogs in need.

Years later, Sal is going above and beyond to fulfill his promise each and everyday!

Please watch below for more on this inspiring story!

For more information, visit https://www.baloojasfoundation.com

“Another Good Dog”

This week I had the joy of working with Cara Sue Achterberg. She is a beautiful novelist whose latest book is about her 130 foster dogs!

Yes…I said 130….and it all started by accident!

A few years ago Cara and her family decided to search for a new dog for themselves. That led her to an online post for a rescue called Operation Paws for Homes. The rescue was desperately searching for fosters and Cara thought she’d take a chance and sign up!

Little did she know that her life was about to change and LITERALLY go to the dogs!

Watch below for a sneak peek and pick up her book at CaraWrites.com for more fun foster adventures!

Happy Tail-Apollo

What started as a day of volunteering ended as a happy tail…and I wouldn’t want it ANY other way!

Please watch below to see the heartwarming story about Daniel and Apollo!

Sanity Saving Belly Bands

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent OR dog parent of any type,
do yourself a favor and invest in a great belly band or diaper (depending on the gender of your dog).

These simple, pretty, machine washable inventions are literal sanity savers!

They allow your dog to learn their potty habits, without ruining your furniture or flooring!

The ones featured in the video are available at https://www.petmagasin.com