Happy Tail: Ivan

Please meet Ivan and his new Dad, Scott! Scott stumbled upon Ivan on our show a couple months back and emailed the rescue (Pibbles Paws Safe Haven) immediately to apply!

A couple days later, he got the call that Ivan was his! The problem? Ivan was located in Pennsylvania and Scott was in San Diego!!!

That didn’t stop Scott though. He took off work, flew to PA and drove beautiful Ivan back to sunny California!

The two have been living together ever since and are learning what it means to have a mutual “Adoption Ever After!”

Watch below for more!


Snuggly Snowy

To adopt: tapsusa.org/

The Gentle Barn

“The Gentle Barn” is a magical land located in Santa Clarita, CA. I haven’t yet been…but it’s on my bucket list!

Please meet the woman who started it all, Ellie Laks! She is a true inspiration who learned the healing power of animals at a very early age.

Now she’s spreading that experience to thousands of people around the world WHILE saving thousands of farm animal at the same time.

Please watch below to hear more and check out https://www.gentlebarn.org for more information!

Custom Pet Shirt!!

If you’re looking for the best gift ever…go to PuppiesMakeMeHappy.com RIGHT NOW!!!

They have a million things you’re going to want to buy…but if you’re an obsessed pet parent like me, you HAVE to get a customized pet shirt!

Watch below to see how wonderful they are and don’t forget that “Puppies Make Me Happy” helps give back to animal rescues!!!